Pump company assists in battle against Covid-19

Workers at Triark Pumps have been doing their bit to tackle the global pandemic.
The company, established in 1984, is one of the leading independent suppliers of air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps in the UK. It also offers engineered solutions and guidance.
With many customers operating in areas deemed as essential manufacturing and supply, Triark has been helping to keep their facilities fully operational.
The company has reorganised its operation to ensure the continued good health of all staff members and customers. It has initiated homeworking where possible, along with strict social distancing and hand hygiene measures for those still attending the office and warehouse.
No employees use public transport for commuting to and from work, and in keeping with the guidelines all business travel has been suspended.
The company has also built a clean room to act as quarantine for all incoming and outgoing goods and personnel - on arrival all deliveries go straight into quarantine and are sprayed with hospital-grade disinfectant to decontaminate. Even the soles of shoes and the office post are being sprayed at this time. Boxed items are removed from the packing and they too are then treated in the same way, before being moved to storage. Only after being fully decontaminated is anything allowed onto the shelves.
Additionally, everything is treated in the same way on the way out. Products are sprayed before being packaged-up and then the packaging is given the same treatment before being dispatched.
To enable this regime to be implemented and maintained, the company has sourced and positioned dedicated canister pumps containing Selgiene Extreme disinfectant at key points around the premises. The same product is being used to continually sanitise floors, door handles, machinery, workstations as well as toilets and washroom areas.
The company has taken the decision to offer the same canister pumps and disinfectant to anyone that could benefit from their use, at cost price and so will not look to make profit on any canister pump transaction.
David Rozée, Triark Pumps’ Managing Director, said: “As a leading distributor of pumps and pump related equipment, we are incredibly proud of our highly regarded service provision, but to be able to go one step further and provide a product that has a direct impact on controlling the spread of this horrible disease is a nice addition. We are pleased to offer this small contribution to the cause.”

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