Feature video of the month:

MIT's microfluidics with Lego

MIT is prototyping by using the toy to create modular microfuidics systems.

Direct In-Line Pump Installation

Many current sewer systems will collect trash, and debris. They can even collect diapers, rags and clothing. All of this has to be removed physically and hauled away so they don't damage the pumps and other sewer systems. This innovative wastewater pumping system will shred through trash and debris effortlessly which allows for uninterrupted flow through the system. This saves substantial time and dollars for cities.

Cured-in-Place Pipe Safety Study

New research is calling for immediate safeguards and study of a widely used method for repairing sewer, storm-water and drinking-water pipes to understand the potential health and environmental concerns for workers and the public.

HLP Group

Pump, process and system solutions

Bernard Controls - Invest in Confidence

Albin Pump - the Movie

MIT Leak Detection Robot for City Water Distribution Systems

Robot can inspect water or gas pipes from the inside to find leaks long before they become catastrophic.