Volume 6, Issue 3
Published: May 10, 2018
Bio-coal can already be producedsynthetically through CO2 recycling, biobutanolcan be made with geneticallymodifiedmicrobes and biogas, andbiohydrogen can be generated with windpower electrolysis. But... [Read more]
A look at one of the fluid handling industry’s biggest events.   Achema is a world forumfor chemical engineering,process engineering andbiotechnology. Every threeyears the fair attracts around4,000... [Read more]
By the time a pipelinehas ruptured, it’s toolate. Preventativemeasures are essentialfor operational safetyand maintaining acompany’s sociallicense to operate theat a time when levelsof scrutiny... [Read more]
Current and voltage sensing can enable condition monitoring in harsh environments. The costs of an hour of unplanneddowntime, such as loss of revenue, productwaste and excessive maintenanceexpenses are... [Read more]
A team of scientists,primarily workingtowards nuclearfusion, hasdeveloped a noninvasive,noncontactflowmeterthat requiresminimal calibrationand operates evenwithout electricity.Combined withultra-low frictionbearings,... [Read more]
The KSB PumpMeterconnection wirelesslytransfers load profiledata, enablingidentification ofenergy-savingpotential, as well asoperation of pumps attheir best efficiencypoint. The effortrequired by the user... [Read more]
Researchers in theUS have developed alaser spectrometerthat can accuratelyand continuouslymonitor a site formethane leaks.Having alreadyentered operation atsites in Colorado andCalifornia, the devicepromises... [Read more]
Why the chemical and CGP industries are embracing the cloud. As pressures on sectors like the chemical,consumer packaged goods (CPG), andfood and beverage industries increase,companies are beginning to... [Read more]
Product contamination arisingfrom incorrect line-up of manualvalves can lead to huge costs andreputational damage. That issue iswidely acknowledged in the tankstorage industry and many operatorsare actively... [Read more]