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Weatherford nets safety valve contract from Brazil’s Petrobras

Multinational oilfield services company Weatherford has won its largest-ever contract for deep-set safety valves, from Brazilian oil and gas major Petrobras.

Under the contract, Weatherford will deliver 24 Optimax™ deep-set safety valves over the next four years. The Optimax safety valve protects against catastrophic loss of well control by providing failsafe closures at pressures of up to 10,000 psi, and are rated for setting depths down to 12,000ft.

"The Weatherford Optimax deep-set safety valve is a victory in innovative thinking," said Mark Hopmann, president of completions for Weatherford. "Conventional deep-set valves typically require nitrogen-charged chambers to compensate for the high hydrostatic pressure of the control line. The Optimax deep-set safety valve overcomes this challenge with a design that utilises highly reliable, field-proven technology."

The safety valve is controlled by a primary hydraulic control line; application of control line pressure keeps the valve in an open position. When pressure is bled off, the valve closes to protect property, personnel and the environment, according to Weatherford.