Perspect Benelux set to launch new Belzona polymer membrane

Perspect Benelux is set to introduce Belzona’s, a polymer technology developer, latest flange corrosion solution during the Pumps & Valves 2015 exhibition.

Belzona 3411 encapsulating membrane can be applied onto manually prepared flanged joints and achieves full contact with the substrate, effectively preventing any moisture ingress.

This membrane can be safely cut open and peeled away for inspection of the bolts and sealing face.

The system can then be resealed to reinstate protection with the application of a further layer of Belzona 3411.

Belzona’s R&D chemist, Ruckseeta Patel, describes the new technology as clever polymer chemistry.

‘We have created a flange protection system strong and flexible enough to be peeled back without tearing. This solution features the flexibility of elastomers but is based on a completely new technology excluding the use of isocyanates and toxic metal catalysts. The system bonds to manually prepared surfaces and does not involve hot work, making it safe and easy to use,’ Patel explains.

Perspect Benelux will also be highlighting the applications of a newly introduced Belzona 1212 surface-tolerant epoxy composite for emergency in-situ metal repair of oil contaminated, wet, and underwater substrates.

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