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HFT unveils new stoppers for pipes aimed at oil and gas sector

Wales-based Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (HFT) has unveiled a range of lightweight inflatable stoppers for pipes up to 120” diameter to prevent the entry of debris into pipes.

Ron Sewell, chairman for HFT, said: “For pipe diameters of 36” and over, not all applications require expensive and very robust, heavy rubber plugs, nor is it always necessary to use mechanical plugs which are also heavy and may be difficult to manipulate.”

“Where there is little backpressure and the absence of corrosive petrochemical fluid, lightweight Inflatable Stoppers are a great solution. They are light in weight, which makes them easy to manipulate and inexpensive to ship and because of their low cost, it is easy to keep all sizes in stock and ship them the very same day.”

HFT’s inflatable stoppers are available in cylindrical and spherical formats. For straight pipes the cylindrical stoppers are recommended, whereas, for bends, the spherical versions are more appropriate.

According to HFT, where there are fluids inside pipes that need to be retained by a stopper, it is usual to use plugs made of aluminum, steel or rubber. In cases where the fluid is aggressive, nitrile, silicon or Viton rubbers can replace the standard natural rubber seals.