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Graco releases new natural gas-operated diaphragm pumps

Graco's Husky 1050 gas-operated diaphragm pump
Graco's Husky 1050 gas-operated diaphragm pump

Graco, a global manufacturer of fluid handling equipment, has introduced a new line of Husky 1050 natural gas-operated double diaphragm pumps for the midstream and upstream oil and gas markets.

Conforming to CSA/AM ANSI STD LC 6 and certified to CSA STD T.I.L. No. R-14, Graco’s expanded line of one-inch (25 mm) pumps safely operate on natural gas or compressed air.

Operating diaphragm pumps using alternative energy sources, such as natural gas, provides installation flexibility in environments where standard energy is limited, reducing the need for multiple pumps on the worksite.

Husky 1050 double diaphragm pumps are well-suited  in the transfer of low, mid, and high viscosity fluids, including glycol recirculation, and are designed to withstand deadhead and dry-run conditions without causing damage to the pump or surrounding equipment.

With flow rates reaching 189l/min and pressures up to 8.3 bar, Husky 1050 pumps are a suitable choice for challenging oil and gas applications.

Graco's Husky 1050 gas-operated diaphragm pump