Flux introduces new bearing flange for eccentric worm-drive pumps

Pump specialist FLUX-GERÄTE has launched a new bearing flange with integrated impulse generator for its eccentric worm-drive pumps. This allows indirect volume measurement to be taken without contact with the material, e.g. for use in the pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics sectors.

The mechanical-volumetric process with impulse generator provides indirect flow-rate measurement. For this purpose the rotation of the pump shaft is recorded. As with the other FLUX flowmeters FMC and FMO the data gathered is subsequently relayed for evaluation via pulse transmission. Thus measurements are taken with no direct contact with the material.

The hygiene-conform measurement guarantees a high reproducibility combined with a theoretical accuracy of +/- 1 pulse per measurement. The volume per impulse for pumps with an outside diameter of 21mm is: 7.5ml; for pumps with an outside diameter of 26mm: 12.5ml. In practice, factors affecting measurement accuracy are to be allowed for, such as: viscosity, pressure, hose diameter, temperature, volumetric flow rate and wear.

The indirect measurement method was especially developed for FLUX series F 550 and
F 560 eccentric worm-drive pumps with bearing flange. It is not only an optimum addition to the 3A and FOOD versions, but is also suitable in all cases where frequent cleaning is essential.

Combined with the drum emptying systems of the VISCOFLUX family it is an ideal measurement process e.g. for fats, tomato purée, caramel cream, Vaseline, or the base substances for manufacturing latex milk.

Batch fills are also possible – via pulse transmission to an evaluation system.

The IP 65 protection class certified bearing flange with impulse generator supplies four pulses per shaft rotation. For this purpose there are four magnets seated in the coupling each of which switches a reed sensor in succession. Every time this happens the non- sensitive low-maintenance sensor emits a pulse. This pulse can then be transmitted to an evaluation system. Final evaluation and control is made either via the electronic evaluation unit FLUXTRONIC, a control cabinet or a stored program control system (PLC). This means that the bearing flange with impulse generator can also be utilised for batch filling. Furthermore the bearing flange, which is available in stainless steel, convinces with its compact design and details such as removable wiring or socket with cover.

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