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Equinor platform benefits from pump manufacturing expertise

The original pump cartridge removed for assessment
The original pump cartridge removed for assessment
Offshore oil fields need to optimise productivity to remain profitable and this often means that water injection pumps are used to increase the speed of oil recovery.
These high energy pumps need to deliver reliable performance from day one, so when a Norwegian offshore platform needed expert support to repair two pumps, it called on Sulzer’s design and manufacturing expertise.
Oil and gas still continue to form the building blocks of our everyday essential items.
As these resources become more difficult to reach, oil producers need to optimize the efficiency of their process, a task supported by Sulzer.
The oil platform has operated two BB5 water injection pumps for over 10 years, but they have suffered from rapid wear and high vibration.
The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) had delivered several upgrades, but there was little improvement in either performance or reliability.
There were also long periods of time when there was no water injection capacity, which had a serious impact on oil recovery rates. To help resolve this, the operators decided to approach Sulzer for a solution.

Retrofit of existing...

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The original pump cartridge removed for assessment