41,000 industrial valves needed for gas processing plant construction

Siekmann Econosto is supplying industrial valves worth more than €44 million for one of the largest gas processing plants under construction in the world in Russia.
The plant in Amur has a planned target capacity for processing of more than 42 billion cubic metres of natural gas per year.
The construction project, near the city of Swobodny, was launched in October 2015.
The gas processing plant will produce up to 60 million cubic metres of helium per year on a site covering 800 hectares and with six production lines.
It will also produce around 2.5 million tonnes of ethane, a million tonnes of propane, 500,000 tonnes of butane and 200,000 tonnes of pentane-hexane products per year. Siekmann Econosto has been actively involved in the construction project since 2017 and is responsible for supplying the building with industrial valves.
The contractor is relying on Siekmann Econosto’s expertise for the procurement of over 41,000 industrial valves.
The German group with which Siekmann Econosto is collaborating with is providing the plant manufacturer with the basic valve technology equipment for the plant.
The industrial valves are required for petrochemical processes, such as cryogenic gas separation with helium extraction.
When it comes to procuring the right components, Siekmann Econosto has focused exclusively on state-of-the-art, sustainable solutions that guarantee the highest standards of safety, quality and environmental protection.
Siekmann Econosto has used its global network and has collaborated with various sub-suppliers from China, Italy, South Korea and Germany.

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