Why are heat pumps so hot right now?

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Air, ground, and water source heat pumps are one of the most effective technologies for reducing carbon, and with a potential 500% efficiency, they are a great solution for projects of all sizes.
With almost 15 years’ experience in the industry, Elliott Sharpe, Vital Energi’s design director in London, leads the design and CAD departments to deliver high quality design solutions that set new standards in best practice.
Elliott is helping Vital remain at the forefront of renewable technologies, driving continuous improvement and energy efficiency, with a strong focus on heat pump technology, which is helping the UK’s journey to net zero.
Elliott gives us an insight into heat pump technology, covering the benefits, for businesses and the environment alike, the factors that have to be considered when thinking about heat pumps, and he tells us about some of the large scale heat pump projects he’s worked on, including the UK’s largest water source heat pump.

What types of heat pump are there and how do they work?
Heat pumps can appear quite complicated at...

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