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Proco Series 700 ProFlex tm Rubber Check Valves

Rubber check valves are specifically designed for use in sewage treatment plants, outfalls, and tidal operations. They are a cost-effective solution for controlling back pressures, and are a fully passive flow device, requiring no maintenance, no outside power sources or manual assistance to operate. Learn more about the many styles of backflow control available from Proco Products, Inc.

Oseco Safety Cartridge - now CE marked and available in the EEA

Already proven in the US, with over 3,000 installations in more than 100 plants, this next generation rupture disc is now available in the EEA.

It is simpler to inspect, easier to fit, 75% quicker to install and has reduced downtime due to overpressure events by 60%. It is hermetically sealed with a robust cartridge that cannot be overtorqued, no matter how hard you try. Changing rupture discs in hard to reach places is easier too, and it is not sensitive to misaligned piping or gasket materials.

Watson Marlow pump collaboration with Siltbuster

Watson-Marlow's water and wastewater solutions

CIRCOR's RTK REflex Shut Off and Control Valve

The RTK REflex Shut Off and Control Valve by CIRCOR provides control and shut off functionality with a quick-change seat ring that speeds maintenance and reduces downtime by eliminating the need for special tools, with a wider range of sizes and pressure classes, as well as customisability for lower flow and higher pressure letdown.

Smart valve sensors implemented by Vopak in the Port of Rotterdam

Dutch tank storage company Vopak has partnered with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) company TWTG to install valve sensors at Vopak’s terminals in the Port of Rotterdam. This is the first pilot of TWTG valve sensors, which will be installed across Vopak’s 68 terminals with over 250,000 valves in different variations. The IIoT sensors aim to improve employee safety, with all solutions designed to be retrofittable and ATEX-certified.

Grundfos' pump gates get Fuzhou's rivers flowing

With a series of Grundfos pump gates, the Chinese city of Fuzhou is ridding its waterways of smelly, black water. The combination of smart water management with compact technology is allowing Fuzhou to once again create flow in its rivers and bring joy to the community.