Thames Water to drive innovation and efficiencies in water sector

Thames Water in the UK has been awarded £1.5 million (€1.8 million) by Ofwat to lead four projects which will support the water sector to better meet the needs of customers, communities, and the environment.
Ofwat has awarded 13 projects at a total of £5.2 million (€6.2 million) of funding through the Water Breakthrough Challenge, which will use new technology and cross-sector collaboration to improve water quality, reduce pollution and enhance services for consumers.
Thames Water will work in partnership with water companies, universities, and government organisations, to provide innovative solutions to some of the challenges facing the water industry including extreme weather events, maintaining and improving ageing infrastructure and protecting the environment.
CEO Sarah Bentley said:  “I’m passionate about using innovation to improve the way we deliver life’s essential service and meet the challenges of climate change, a growing population and ageing assets.
“So, I’m delighted that we’ve received the £1.5 million funding for these projects, which will help us protect our precious rivers and streams, build resilience and protect our network for years to come. It’s fantastic to be able to work alongside some great partner organisations who share our drive to innovate and shape the future. I look forward to seeing the outcomes of these projects.”
Harry Armstrong, director, Ofwat said: “It is great to see the water sector deliver more exciting and impactful projects through this round of Ofwat’s Water Breakthrough Challenge. The winners all have huge potential to benefit people, society and the natural environment. I’m excited to see these projects become reality and start to make a real difference in the way we do things.”

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