Pipeline closure in Roanoke

A pipeline that runs from Central Virginia to Montvale is to be taken out of service. The line is operated by Georgia-based Colonial Pipeline Company.

According to ABC8 News,  when in use the pipeline was 90 miles(144 km) long and delivered gas as well as other fuels to five different terminals that all served costumers in the Roanoke area. The line is set to remain idle however, Colonial plan to continue maintaining it so that they may reopen it in the future.  

Colonial Pipeline Company’s Director of Communications and Public Relations, Steve Baker said “It was getting to the point where it would either have to be replaced or taken out of service. And replacing it is just too expensive to do right now.”

Baker continued “It will stay in place and stay underground. And we’ll continue to maintain it and keep it in shape, but there are no plans right now to bring it back into service.”

A spokesperson for the company told ABC8 News that the line had been removed as a safety precaution. The Colonial Pipeline Company had been concerned about the condition of the line and stated that it would have required extensive maintenance in the long-term.  

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