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New gas distribution programme enhances safety and reduces downtime

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Swagelok — a leading solutions provider of fluid system products, assemblies, and related services — has announced the launch of its gas distribution programme.
The new programme offers a complete suite of services and fully engineered sub-systems designed to help enhance safety in industrial facilities.
Maintaining optimised performance throughout the entirety of a gas distribution system can pose an operational challenge, as non-intuitive system design or inaccessible components can make service difficult to perform. As a result, leaks may go unnoticed or unaddressed, putting operators and equipment at risk, and causing system inefficiency that negatively affects profitability.
Swagelok’s gas distribution programme includes services and subsystems designed to alleviate these challenges.
The company’s gas distribution advisors provide a comprehensive evaluation of existing gas distribution systems to identify any potential leak points, as well as opportunities to improve performance and simplify maintenance.
They then provide actionable recommendations to improve existing system designs or explain how standardised Swagelok gas...

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