Nelson Irrigation unveils 1000 Series Control Valve

In October of 2010, Nelson engineers launched an R&D project to develop the next generation of sleeve-style valves. They aimed at addressing critical irrigation issues – the result is the new 1000 Series.

The 1000 Series is geared to handle tough agricultural environments. The internal filter or optional external filter protects ports from plugging. There is no ‘continuous bleed’ port which minimised blockage potential and the improved cage design more effectively passes debris.  

A modular design provides ultimate flexibility in valve style and connection type while simplifying installation, trouble-shooting and maintenance
Buyers can choose from three different flow path options: inline, tee and elbow, along with selecting Choose from 5 inlet/outlet styles:

• Proprietary Nelson “Flex-Connect” Ends – interchangeable design allow for “mixing & matching” ends.
      - 1 ¼”, 1 ½”, 2” NPT or BSP
      - 3”  Splined Connection
      - 2” and 3” Victaulic
• Wafer Style
      - 2” ANSI Flange
      - 2 x 3” Flange Adapters – allows installing a 2” valve directly between 3” flanges.

1000 Series valve applications include zone control for sprinkler or drip irrigated row crops, nursery crops, orchards and vineyards. The valve can be fitted under a Big Gun for solid set irrigation, end of pivot solutions and numerous environmental controls including fire suppression, dust suppression and cooling.

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