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CFT improves environmental performance and uptime at oil refinery

The new facility
The new facility
Aftermarket support from Celeros Flow Technology has delivered significant improvements in environmental performance and mean time between failures (MTBF) for an operating European oil refinery.
There was a maintenance window of just two weeks available in which to complete a mechanical upgrade to a third party OH2 pump.
The upgrade was necessary to ensure the pump was operating to current environmental and safety requirements – and it entailed some significant modifications.
Celeros Flow Technology used its engineering expertise and in-house resources to deliver a custom-built solution that would achieve the desired result within the time available.

Engineering excellence

On examination, it was found that the back pull-out (BPO) was an old API eighth edition pump in which a new design API 682 seal would not fit. The pump therefore needed to be made larger in order to accommodate the required seal upgrade.
The technical services team at Celeros designed a custom solution to meet specification. It was based on one of seven power frames that their ClydeUnion Pumps brand keeps in stock, which are sized to...

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The new facility