Celeros Flow Technology showcases fluid handling equipment

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Celeros Flow Technology specialises in the design, manufacture and lifecycle optimisation of high specification pumps for critical fluid handling in marine defence applications.
Designed and manufactured by its ClydeUnion Pumps and Plenty Pumps brands, its high-quality OEM pumps help to ensure comfort, hygiene, and safety on all manner of vessels, including minesweepers, frigates, destroyers, nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers, as well as civilian cruisers and merchant ships.
Typically used in a wide range of onboard applications, Celeros Flow Technology’s range of pumps have high shock resistance and operate with very little vibration to minimise noise. They also perform with zero emissions and have a low suction profile (NPSH) to reduce the likelihood of cavitation damage.
With more than 60 years of experience in developing critical fluid handling equipment for defence applications, Celeros Flow Technology has invested in a secure naval manufacturing bay, dedicated naval test rigs and a modern research laboratory at its UK base.
These facilities enable a dedicated team of engineers to design, develop, qualify, and manufacture high specification pumps to meet the demands of any vessel fluid handling application.
Fast, accurate scale testing and full prototyping give confidence that the pumps will operate reliably throughout their design life.
In addition, Celeros Flow Technology’s aftermarket team is on hand to offer customers total lifecycle support. This includes access to a global team of OEM trained service engineers who can perform routine servicing of any make or model of pump, undertake site overhauls and repairs, or troubleshoot performance issues to keep fluid handling systems running at their best.

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