AESSEAL celebrates 40th anniversary

Seal manufacturer AESSEAL is celebrating its 40th anniversary, with a series of events and a promise to ‘continue investing and innovating’.

Each AESSEAL branch will be organising and holding regional events to celebrate the occasion.

“We are very proud of what has been achieved over the last 40 years, from humble beginnings to what is today recognised as a global, market-leading business, which employs hundreds of people and also gives back to the local community in the shape of sponsorships and education partnerships,” said Chris Rea, founder of AESSEAL.

“We were keen to not only mark this milestone anniversary and acknowledge the people that have contributed to its success, but also to put our flag in the sand and outline our plans to continue to grow and innovate.

“Our achievements can also be attributed to our absolute commitment to continuous improvement – for both ourselves and our customers. After four decades of continued product development we believe we are in a very strong position - with a range of differentiated and enhanced patented technology for almost all Wet and Dry Gas Seal applications - and that we can secure as large a percentage of global applications as any other global mechanical seal supplier. Going forward our development will focus on emerging technologies and connecting the group’s consultancy and reliability business digitally to its physical product range, in order to offer the best possible service to customers.”

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