Volume 6, Issue 1
Published: February 1, 2018
How to prolong the operational lives ofpumps beyond expectations with polymetric materials. Pumps are at the heart of any fluid handlingsystem and the second most commonpiece of machinery used in general... [Read more]
This water NGO explains how to keep essential infrastructure in shape. Asset management is a valuable toolfor utilities to understand all levels ofinfrastructure assets throughout theorganisation and identify... [Read more]
Water is becoming an increasingly valuable resource, and with that, leakdetection is becoming an increasingly sophisticated industry. The most recentanswers to the problem of leakage are two tetherless... [Read more]
This Israeli company is using technology designed to find extra-terrestriallife to help save water. In June 2017, Yorkshire Water approached Utilis and its partner, Suez, to trial a satellite-based leak... [Read more]
Fears overscarcity and worninfrastructureare increasing.Technologies thatsupply accurate andactionable informationare in high demandas the prolific need toreplace ageing pipesbecomes apparent. With increased... [Read more]
Emerging techniquesin laser welding and 3Dprinting are expandingwhat’s possible. Since the end of the 19th century, industryhas focused on products that can bemass-produced. Whether classic transferlines... [Read more]
Applying automation diagnostics for predictive safety management. Automation technology developed forindustrial applications is continuouslybeing improved to achieve enduserrequirements for efficiencyand... [Read more]
Originally developedfor hazardousenvironments, thecartridge seal isseeing widespreaduse beyond itsoriginal purpose.Ease of maintenanceand repair, improvedrefurbishmentcycles and betterperformance areall... [Read more]
Wim Moors and Antonio Titomanliofrom Atlas Copco talk about what tolook out for when buying a pump andwhat the next steps are for the industry. “We’re seeing real growth in the pump industry,... [Read more]
How to move from a conveyor to a pipeline system for best performance. Ethanol fuel is produced from corn,sugar cane, sugar beets, molasses,starch or cellulose with the predominantprimary product being... [Read more]
New synthetic water treatment media shows big potential to reduce costs oftreating produced water from polymer flooding. Continuing oil and gas market pricing pressures keepexploration and production (E&P)... [Read more]