Yorkshire Water kicks off new water leak detection trial

UK utility Yorkshire Water, in collaboration with Inflowmatix, has launched a new project as part of its increasing investment into smart networks, which the company hopes will play a key part in reducing water leakage across its network.

The two-year project will see 650 InflowSense devices fitted across Yorkshire County, which will analyse pressure transients at 128 sample points per second. The devices will help Yorkshire Water identify and resolve the causes of pressure transients, which result in stress on the network and can lead to leaks and supply interruptions.

The latest project builds on Yorkshire Water’s commitment to invest £50 million (€58.5 million) in leakage reduction, including £4 million (€4.7 million) replacing customer pipes and the installation of almost 40,000 acoustic loggers across Yorkshire.

The utility provider is also investing in satellite technology to identify leaks from space as another new initiative.

“Reducing leakage is a key priority for us at Yorkshire Water and we are excited by the potential of the InflowSense devices and the benefits they will bring to the network and our customers,” commented Sam Bright, innovation programme manager at Yorkshire Water.

Robin Bell, COO at Inflowmatix, added: “From the first interactions with Yorkshire Water we could see there was a close match between their aspirations and our unique capabilities. We’ve enjoyed the first stage of our collaboration and look forward to close working with Sam and the team at Yorkshire Water in achieving their challenging objectives for AMP7 and beyond.”

AMP7, which is for the five-year period 2020-2025, will target environmental improvements, particularly related to the quality of water bodies.

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