Yokohama marine hoses gain API certification

The Yokohama Rubber Co.'s marine hoses employed for offshore crude oil transfer have been certified by the American Petroleum Institute as conforming to API Specification Q1 9th Edition (API Spec Q1). API Spec Q1 specifies the quality management system requirements for manufacturing organisations involved in the oil and gas industries.

In response to demands from some marine hose users for the highest level of quality standard, Yokohama Rubber has acquired the certification of the API Q1 for its Seaflex brand.

With an eye on the growing global demand for marine hoses in recent years, Yokohama Rubber has been aggressively expanding its overseas production network. In September 2014, the company acquired an Italian marine hose manufacturer. In addition, it is currently constructing a plant for the manufacture of marine hoses and pneumatic fenders on the island of Batam in Indonesia, with production scheduled to begin in the latter half of 2015.

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