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Yokogawa releases enhanced version of FieldMate device management software

Yokogawa Electric Corp. has an enhanced version of its FieldMate device management software for controlling among others flowmeter and pressure transmitters.

FieldMate is a PC-based device configuration tool that is used to perform initial setup, routine maintenance, and device replacement.

It can be used for the configuration, adjustment, and troubleshooting of transmitters, analysers, and other types of field devices in plants, and the management of information on these devices.

Released under the name FieldMate R3.02, the versatile software program can be used to configure, adjust, and manage a wide variety of field devices used in factories and other production sites.

This latest version of FieldMate includes new functions that reduce maintenance workload by simplifying a number of field maintenance tasks.

With the release of the 3.02 version, FieldMate can now be used on PCs and tablets that run Microsoft's Windows 10 instead of being reliant on the Windows 7 system.

Dedicated buttons have been added to the FieldMate home screen for frequently performed field device maintenance tasks, such as zero point adjustments and input loop checks.

This simplifies complex tasks, such as the checking of settings for field devices that formerly required users to navigate to data at several different levels, thus improving maintenance efficiency.

FieldMate can save parameters such as field device settings in a database, and with FieldMate R3.02, it is now possible to compare current values and previous settings for a parameter by just pressing the All Parameters button on the home screen.

This function is useful for verifying changes made by field maintenance personnel and for troubleshooting problems.

FieldMate Validator is an optional software tool that is used to verify the connections between newly installed field instruments and control system I/O devices.

The FieldMate system is aimed at process industries such as oil, petrochemicals, chemicals, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, foods, and iron and steel.

It supports all major industry-standard communication protocols such as Foundation Fieldbus, BRAIN, and HART, as well as the FDT/DTM open software execution framework.

In addition, support for the ISA100.11a field wireless communications standard enables the configuration and adjustment of any vendor's network-capable field devices, regardless of which communications protocol is used.