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Yaskawa releases range of programmable easy-to-use VSDs

A new range of variable speed drives (VSDs) with a host of innovative features has been unveiled by motion control specialists Yaskawa.

The new drives enable simple and reliable control of traditional and emerging motor technologies through 630kW.

The powerful GA700 AC drives combine intuitive inter-action, high flexibility and reliability, and ease of use for applications ranging from simple fans and pumps to high-performance test dynamo meters requiring precise regulation. 

The GA700 AC drives provide exceptional capability for all variable speed needs regardless of whether they be hard-wired discrete, analogue, or advanced network controlled, Yaskawa says.

They are designed for simple network integration and support all the major industrial communications and connection topologies (ring, star, line, etc.), enabling adaptation to various automation networks.

The drives are network compliance tested and offer a network of up to five drives with a single communication card.

They feature built-in protocols, such as RS-485 Memobus/Modbus and 115.2kbps communication speeds.

One of Yaskawa’s main objectives in developing the GA700 range was to produce a “one for all” drive offering precise and tuning-less motor control with one drive controlling any induction, permanent magnet, or synchronous reluctance motor with quick set-up. 

This is achieved by an intuitively designed keypad and tactile user interface with self-guiding navigation menus and start-up wizards.

In addition, the drives feature PC-compatible configuration tools (DriveWizard and DriveWorksEZ) for logic programming, monitoring, and troubleshooting.

DriveWizard is an offline/online parameter and drive configuration tool for easy set-up, maintenance and, troubleshooting, offering users editing, storing, and file comparison functions in addition to online trending via a highly functional oscilloscope feature. 

DriveWorksEZ offers an icon-based, simple drag-and-drop graphical environment and adds programmable functions to tailor the drive to meet specific machine/application requirements without the need or associated cost of external controllers, such as PLC’s or other hardware.

Mobile device connectivity is achieved using a built-in USB port or wireless communication with a Bluetooth LCD keypad option.

The integrated functional safety of the GA700 drives (meeting SIL3 STO standards) with two-terminal pin STO (safe torque off) as standard gives users peace of mind as it provides the right tools for risk reduction without the need for external devices such as motor relays. 

The GA700 feature a flexible design and minimum footprint, largely due to optimised heat management which results in up to 50% smaller footprint compared to previous drives, the company says. 

The drives are globally certified to meet a wide range of application standards and compliance levels, such as UL/cUL, CE, TUV, EAC, RCM, and KC, with compliance to RoHS.