Xylem: wastewater mixer reduces energy consumption by 50%

The Flygt 4220 (via Xylem)
The Flygt 4220 (via Xylem)

The mixer has a variable output to only use energy when it’s needed, reducing power consumption and unnecessary wear.

The compact submersible wastewater Flygt 4220 mixer aims to increase efficiency by only delivering the output required.

“Plant operators can easily modify the mixer output, via a tank-side control panel, a programmable controller or plant-wide control system, to match current mixing needs. This functionality dramatically reduces energy consumption compared to traditional fixed output mixers, significantly improves process productivity and futureproofs a facility’s mixing efficiency,” said Johan Tegstam, director of product management for Xylem.

He added that the mixer provides information about its performance and status, including speed, power, alarms, running time and energy consumption. It also has functions to auto-correct a number of issues, for example, an overload control to protect the equipment and secure process results.

The 4220 is designed to avoid the pitfalls of traditional mixers that have a fixed output, which the company said often leads to wasted energy, unnecessary wear and increased maintenance due to inefficient operation of the mixer.

Xylem hopes the pump will appeal to municipal and industrial wastewater or sludge mixing applications.

The motor for the mixer is available in 1.5, two, three and four horsepower versions.

The Flygt 4220 (via Xylem)