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Xylem offers strategies to transform utility water management economics

Water technology company Xylem has unveiled a new publication at ACE19, which offers six strategies to transform the economics of utility water management.

The ‘Harness the Power of Decision Intelligence’ paper discusses how Xylem’s portfolio of ‘decision intelligence’ tools uses the power of digital technologies to transform utility economics and operations.

It offers six connected strategies to ‘address critical utility challenges and drive economic and environmental gains with advanced infrastructure analytics’, according to the company.

“Decision intelligence solutions use information to support dramatically better capital and operational decision-making, save money, reduce risk, protect the environment, and improve revenue recovery, driving real value for utilities and their customers,” said Colin Sabol, president of measurement and control solutions at Xylem.

“It’s still early days, but more and more utilities around the world are harnessing data to deliver unprecedented value to their communities. Ultimately, our approach supports our clients’ commitment to public service – solving problems at scale using best in class technology – and affording us the opportunity of a lifetime, to ‘solve water’ in communities around the world,” he added.

The strategies include: reducing non-revenue water; proactive asset management; ensuring water quality from source to tap; advancing water equity; managing urban watersheds; and mastering the data deluge.

Xylem’s decision intelligence can help utility customers optimise water management, as well as making water more affordable and accessible.