Xylem launches new Jabsco single use pump

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Xylem has launched the Jabsco PureFlo 21 Single Use pump.
The new pump features an adjustable, integrated pressure relief valve.
The multi-membrane, diaphragm pump comes equipped with a disposable pump head made from polypropylene plastic and contains 40% less material when compared to conventional single use pumps.
“Single use technology is critical to speeding up product development time, and with the PureFlo 21 Single Use, companies can bring new products to market quickly while reducing environmental impacts,” said Adam Hart, global product manager at Xylem.
“This breakthrough solution is also the first of its kind to feature an adjustable pressure relief valve, compliant with stringent UK and European regulatory requirements, to enhance operator safety and minimize the risk of fluid contamination.”
The PureFlo 21 Single Use is also the first single use pump to feature five pumping chambers. This unique design, coupled with a middle cone to optimize flow-through, guarantees the lowest fluid pulsation possible.
The gentle, synchronised movement of the pump head membranes increase flow, and because there are no rotating parts to cause friction, the pump maintains operational quality and integrity – even in the most demanding applications.

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