Xylem introduces new mixer to reduce energy costs

Xylem, a global water technology company, has launched a new high efficiency, low-speed, submersible wastewater mixer.

Unlike conventional submersible mixers, Xylem’s Flygt 4320 offers built-in speed regulation to optimise operators’ control over the mixer’s thrust, thereby enabling continuous process results and reducing energy costs up to 50%, according to Xylem tests.

Designed for wastewater treatment applications, such as activated sludge treatment, sludge holding tanks and digesters, as well as for biogas applications, ice prevention, and oxygenisation of lakes and harbours, Flygt 4320 mixers can be adapted to meet changing process and load conditions.

Combining a high efficiency mixer with an integrated variable frequency drive (VFD), the Flygt 4320 makes it possible to minimise life cycle costs and mixing energy costs.

Andreas Lindberg, product manager for mixers at Xylem, says: ‘Once installed at a facility, the mixer thrust or speed can be altered to cater to that facility’s specific conditions, which can dramatically reduce energy consumption. It also future-proofs a facility’s mixing efficiency as the motor speed can be altered when the mixing demand increases or decreases.’

The Flygt 4320’s motor efficiency is equivalent to super premium efficiency IE4 levels, while the integrated VFD means quicker installation and lower costs as a result.

The mixers are available in either two- or three-bladed propeller models, and with a range of propeller diameters from 1.4 to 2.5m, to meet a variety of mixing requirements.

The backswept design of the Flygt yellow ‘banana’ propeller provides high hydraulic efficiency and ensures clog-free operation.

Flygt 4320 mixers are prepared with remote communications for compatibility with central control systems.

It is also equipped with soft start and soft stop features which regulate the motor revolutions, increasing stability of the mixing system and reducing electric inrush currents.

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