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Xylem innovation cuts treatment clarification costs

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Global water technology company Xylem has unveiled a new solution to support the efficient removal of solids in water treatment applications.
Xylem’s new Leopold Texler lamella clarifier is made from a recyclable, hydrophobic geotextile material – a durable, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) – which reduces service and maintenance requirements while cutting solids by more than 80%.
Current lamella plate clarifiers are made from heavy stainless steel plates which require extensive support structures and significant capital investment. When exposed to sun, steel reflects ultra-violet (UV) rays and promotes algae growth in the clarifier, reducing the clarification performance and requiring regular, manual cleaning.
The Leopold Texler system uses hydrophobic geotextile, a woven HDPE which naturally repels water and reduces the need for cleaning.
The flexible design allows for cost-effective retrofitting by using existing rectangular basins, which significantly reduces the overall construction costs while increasing the flow capacity by up to 100%.
Carbon dioxide (CO2) footprint for raw material production is reduced by approximately 80% due to a change in material from virgin stainless steel to virgin HDPE, along with reduced material weight.
Salvador Dominguez, global product manager at Xylem said: “Utilities are under pressure to meet growing demand for clean water. This challenge is paired with aging infrastructure and tightening resources. The Leopold Texler lamella clarifier will help solve these challenges, reducing the overall construction costs, minimising maintenance and providing a flexible and sustainable solution that can be easily retrofitted into existing basins, helping utilities to cost-effectively increase treatment capacity and improve service for their communities.”