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Xylem celebrates 4 millionth Flygt pump produced

Xylem, a global water technology company, has produced the 4 millionth Flygt wastewater pump at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sweden.

Xylem is the first international pump manufacturer to have produced this quantity of wastewater pumps at the same facility.

The 4 millionth Flygt wastewater pump will support operations at the central pumping station at Azaibah, Muscat, Oman, which pumps wastewater across 8km to the Al Ansab treatment plant in the Middle Eastern state.

Xylem’s Flygt brand has a 100 year legacy in pumping, from developing the first submerged pumps to designing the non-clogging N-impeller, to producing wear resistant hydraulics.

The very first Flygt pump was manufactured at Xylem’s factory in Emmaboda, Sweden, but the pumps are also produced at manufacturing sites around the world in China, India, the US, and Argentina.

The 4 millionth 500kw pump stands at 2.85m in height, 5,300kg weight, with a pumping capacity of 500L/s at 66.9m head.

It features Flygt´s state-of-the-art monitoring system for operational safety and accessible data review.

When the existing Flygt pumps in the central pumping station require routine maintenance, the 4 millionth pump will ensure that this critical pumping station can continue to operate efficiently.

According to Saud Salim Ambusaidy, senior maintenance manager at Haya Water - Oman, this Azaibah central pumping station is a crucial part of the sewage system in Oman, and as such it needs reliable, robust pumps to ensure dependable service.

‘Since 2006, Xylem has supported us to do this and we are confident that the company will continue to facilitate an efficient water service into the future,’ Ambusaidy says.

Ambusaidy and Mustafa Bawab, general manager with distributor Gulf Development and Construction, attended an event hosted by Xylem at the Emmaboda facility in Sweden to mark the milestone achievement.

To celebrate the milestone, Xylem has released a list of things the 4 million pumps put together could achieve.

Among other things, the 4 million Flygt pumps…

-          …could empty the entire Baltic Sea in just one month

-          …weigh the equivalent of 250,000 blue whales

-          …could fill 3,000+ Olympic-sized swimming pools in one second