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Xylem adds automation capability to wastewater treatment adaptive mixers

Global water technology company Xylem has rolled out a package of innovative additions to its Flygt Adaptive Mixers range, which includes automation capabilities for wastewater treatment processes and the introduction of a new adaptive compact mixer.

The company’s Flygt Adaptive Mixers now have the option for full automation, enabling the mixer to automatically and continuously adjust its output in line with demand. In adaptive mixing, the processes can be adjusted to match the changing needs characteristic of wastewater treatment, due to daily or seasonal variations, new regulations or unexpected events.

Xylem has also launched the Flygt 4230 adaptive compact mixer, adding a higher-efficiency mixer to its 4200 series. This latest product offering means the company now has a wide range of submersible adaptive mixers for different customer needs, all of which are based on the Flygt Dirigo technology platform.

“With this technology, we offer plant owners and operators simplicity and reliability in their treatment processes, while guaranteeing they can meet all treatment requirements with the lowest possible energy consumption,” said Matthew Szurgot, global mixer product manager at Xylem. “The mixers can either be fully automated, or easily controlled on a tank-side operator panel or from a control room as part of the plant’s SCADA system.”

Additionally, the company has launched the Flygt PP 4230 ultra-low head propeller pump, which is based on the same design as the Flygt 4230 mixer.