Why are heat pumps so hot right now?

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Air, ground, and water source heat pumps are one of the most effective technologies for reducing carbon, and with a potential 500% efficiency, they are a great solution for projects of all sizes. Heat pump technology is helping the UK’s journey to net-zero.

What types of heat pump are there and how do they work?
Heat pumps can appear quite complicated at first glance, but the technology has been around for quite some time.
Think about your fridge at home or an air conditioning system for an office - these are using heat pump technology.
A heat pump takes energy from a source such as water, the ground, or surrounding air, and then using a refrigerant and power from an electrical supply, this heat is transferred into your home, at a higher temperature than the source.
So how does water from a lake or cold air outside turn into hot heating water coming out of the heat pump? This is the clever part inside as the heat pump is compressing and expanding a refrigerant in a cycle, and it is this process that is able to take water from that cold lake and turn it into heat for appliances.

What are the...

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