Welsh Water implements cameras to survey pipes underground

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Welsh Water is investing £120 million (€144 million) to improve the reliability of its water supply and this includes using new camera systems to investigate the condition of these supply pipes.
Traditionally, teams would dig trial holes to assess and survey pipes but this collaboration with API (Advanced Pipe Inspection) will speed up the process. The new camera system enters the water main via existing fire hydrants and creates a live video recording of the size and condition of the pipe.
Trystan Davies, programme manager for Welsh Water who created and led the improvement initiative, said: “Innovation is critically important to overcoming current and future challenges and working collaboratively with the supply chain allows us to focus on solving a common problem outside of the normal client – contractor relationship.
“Utilising the collective knowledge and experience of the group helped us learn and develop new capabilities in an iterative fashion to make greater improvements.”
Through this new way of working there is far less disruption to customers as the process is approximately three times quicker and a far smoother method for engineering teams.
Furthermore, the teams have witnessed up to 74% savings in cost per survey and a fall in carbon costs by up to 92% per survey.

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