Weir Minerals launches heavy-duty vortex pumps in European market

Following a successful launch in the French market, Weir Minerals has launched the WEMCO range of extra-heavy-duty vortex pumps throughout Europe – the first time they have been available across the continent in 60 years.

The pumps are designed to handle large and abrasive solids and corrosive fluids using vortex technology. A recessed impeller allows solids to pass through the pipe easily, reducing abrasion and minimising clogging risks. This is especially helpful in blockage-prone applications such as sewage works.

WEMCO pumps have a recessed design, with the open passage and cup-shaped impeller providing minimum particle degradation.

Suitable for the heaviest duty applications, including mining and dredging, the full WEMCO A, F-DL, MC, S and WP Torque Flow ranges will be available to European customers.

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