Wedge gate valves help solve issues at treatment works

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T-T Flow stepped in to provide a solution to isolate flow when there was a requirement for custom wedge gate valves to facilitate the transition to new metric pipework at a water treatment works.
Farlington Water Treatment Works, operated by Portsmouth Water,  is a major facility supplying thousands of homes and businesses in Portsmouth, Havant and surrounding areas in Hampshire, UK.
As part of a refurbishment at the treatment works, the contractor needed a smart solution to transition from old imperial legacy pipework to new metric pipework while also maintaining the ability to isolate the flow.
When the appointed framework valve holder was inflexible to accommodate the challenge, T-T Flow stepped in to provide a robust and reliable long-term solution that fully meets the brief.
T-T Flow was chosen to supply eight 600mm metal seated isolating wedge gate valves rated to 16 Bar. The valves have custom flange drillings - one side metric (EN1092 PN16), and the other side imperial (BS10 Table D).
The company supplied eight DN600 PN16 metal seat wedge gate valves conforming to BS5163 and hydraulically tested to EN12266.
The full-bore valves feature precision machined weld-overlay leaded gunmetal seating faces able to withstand higher flow velocities.
For reduced friction, the wedge gate valves have non-rising stainless steel rolled threads, a thrust-taking bonnet assembly, and are manufactured from ductile iron coated in a durable WRAS listed fusion bonded epoxy coating.
Wedge gate valves lend themselves to wide ranging flow isolating duties for media such as potable water, raw water, wastewater and low solid content sewage.

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