Website Exclusive: A fundamental breakthrough

Non-intrusive, ultrasonic level monitoring in tumultuous conditions.

There are many ultrasonic choices that are used for level monitoring in the universe of sewers, pipes and storm-water control.

Although many circumstances in this environment, such as turbulence and unwanted obstructions, pose a challenge for most ultrasonics used in the fluid handling industry, they present no problem for the MassaSonic FlatPack. The broad beamed duel transducer system is designed to have rapid signal processing and highly accurate echo return even when monitoring tumultuous fluids and irregular surfaces.

Agitation of fluid, variance in pipe size and quick changing water levels often require multiple technologies working together, or even more expensive solutions. Pipes often allow for little or no headroom for sensor mounting. This called for a fresh new design that would provide a dependable solution to the rough rise and surge of water levels and associated costs of handling them.

So how is it that an ultrasonic sensor, such as FlatPack, can perform so well in this environment?

To read the rest of this exclusive article from Massa, go to pages 43 – 44 of the online edition of Fluid Handling International, here 

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