Water usage bans extended across England as long summer drought drags on

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Three million residents in southern England are now preparing for a hosepipe ban in the coming daysas the long summer drought continues in the UK.
South East Water confirmed on August 3 that a hosepipe ban across Kent and Sussex from next Friday which will affect around 2.2million customers, as the dry spell continues following a record-breaking July for lack of rain.
The 'temporary usage ban' means the use of hosepipes or sprinklers will be restricted for residents of those counties.
The water firm - which is the second to bring in a hosepipe ban so far this summer - lost 88.7million litres of water a day through leaking pipes last year, and said demand for water this summer has broken all previous records.
Southern Water last week announced a ban for nearly a million people in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.
It means hosepipes cannot be used to water gardens or clean cars, and ornamental ponds and private pools must not be filled.
Flouting the restriction could lead to prosecution and a court fine of up to £1,000 (€1,019).

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