Water treatment wins as Next Filtration and Argonide join forces

Next Filtration Technologies, who produce water treatment products Scale Stop and FOG STOP, have agreed a new partnership with the Argonide Corporation to provide a new microbiological removal system.
In conjunction with Next’s Scale Stop Template Assisted Crystallisation (TAC) water treatment units, Argonide’s long-recognised advanced filtration technology will provide a first-class microbiological treatment that also removes scale and hardness.
“Joining forces with Next Filtration is a win-win for industrial users requiring equipment protection”, said Argonide president, Raymond Knispel.
“Our pleated water filter cartridges are a technological step ahead of traditional sediment filters – and Next Filtration’s Scale Stop has all the advantages of a water softener – but is nowhere near as expensive to install and maintain – nor harmful to the environment. It’s a very powerful alliance.”
Steve Fox, CEO at Next Filtration, added: “Argonide’s breakthrough water filtration technology is also ideal for drinking water. The synergy of their pleated water filter cartridges and Scale Stop presents an optimum solution for those who want safer, better tasting, better quality water – as well as industry (including hydroponics) with all its many needs for top quality process water.”
Requiring no salt or other regenerants, and with no water waste from backwashing or harmful brine discharge, Next Scale Stop, now with Argonide’s pleated water filter cartridges, can provide major benefits to numerous applications.

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