Water treatment plant installs new Borger pumps for membrane filtration

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Fourteen rotary lobe pumps made by Borger have been installed for a membrane filtration application at a water treatment plant.
Achieving a total output of up to 10,000 m³/h, the Borger pumps extract water so that it can be purified through the membranes.
In addition to being extremely stable and practically wear-resistant, the pumps were chosen to suit the cleaning of the membranes by back-flushing with filtered water.
This made it essential for the operator of the plant to have pumps that could be operated in reverse. The rotary lobe pumps from Borger also have a high suction capacity that allows the treatment plant to vary the quantity of water during the back-flushing phase.
Regulated by a frequency converter, the Borger Rotary Lobe Pumps (which have a rated capacity of 450 - 720 m³/h), are designed with maintenance-in-place for easy servicing, requiring only basic tools to keep downtime and costs to a minimum.

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