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Water stewardship now critical for business resilience

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With competition for water resources occurring in many regions of the world, how businesses meet their own needs and those of the communities in which they operate will be increasingly vital for their long-term survival and growth, says Erik Driessen, head of the Northern European office of technology innovation consultancy Isle.
Companies worldwide recognise water is an essential ingredient in their business operations and the lack of access to enough water at suitable qualities is posing a material risk to a growing number of companies around the globe.
Water stewardship means not just looking at direct operations, but considering the environmental impact both across the supply chain and on a water basin level.
As a technology and innovation focused business, Isle understands cutting-edge water technologies and how they can be used to support clients with internal innovation processes.
Irrespective of which sector they are operating in, water stewardship is crucial for companies wanting to manage the complexities of balancing their own water use with the needs of communities and nature.
Over the last few years Isle has been bringing this...

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