Water pumps, the Extended Product Approach and the opportunity for energy savings

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Europump members represent more than 450 pump companies with a collective production value of more than €10 billion and an employee base of some 100,000 people across Europe.
This influential body plays a significant role in helping to create the product and application standards that shape the manufacture, supply and installation of pumps and their related systems.
Its technical, standards, small to medium enterprise (SME), and marketing commissions engage in a wide range of matters and interface with a host of other trade organisation and institutions around the world.
One such area of activity relates to the European Union’s ongoing revision of the Eco-Design Directive and its implementing measures, which are intended to facilitate a notable reduction in energy used by a broad range of products and equipment, be they for domestic, commercial, or industrial applications.
In essence, Europump, on behalf of its member associations throughout Europe, wants to implement the Extended Product Approach (EPA) for water pumps.
This would mean, in energy use assessment terms as required by the Directive, that not only should the actual pump be...

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