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Water authority switches to Singer control valve automation

Warrington Township in Pennsylvania, US, is home to 25,000 residents and over 375   businesses. The township’s water comes from seven wells and five interconnections from another water supply district.
In total, there are five district metered areas (DMA) with dedicated pressure zones to effectively serve customers in each zone by providing consistent   pressure flow. One of the pressure   zones also has an elevated tank.
Due to a contaminant entering the groundwater from a military base in a neighbouring municipality, Warrington was required to discontinue the use of   its wells.
This placed more demand on the supplemental interconnections to now fully feed those areas previously   supplied by the well system.
Through a cooperative agreement with the Department of Defence, Warrington installed two additional interconnections.
The change in the water supply to the township’s system resulted in   fluctuating pressure that the mechanical control valves were designed to   respond to in order to maintain   constant pressure in the DMA.
With so many fluctuations, when one   control valve changed, it would cause   other...

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