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Wastecorp introduces the first engine driven double disc pump

US pump manufacturer Wastecorp Pumps has unveiled the first engine driven double disc pump, the Sludge Pro.

The Sludge Pro double disc pump is designed for wastewater, sludge, and sewage pumping for government and industry.

The pump is a style of low maintenance wastewater pump with fluid handling capabilities ranging from 10-500 gpm.

‘We are the first double disc pump manufacturer to offer both a clack valve style and a ball valve style double disc pump to the wastewater treatment community. Now we are also the first double disc pump manufacturer to actively market engine driven double disc pumps for mobile pumping applications,’ says Maggie Domingos, project manager at Wastecorp.

Wastecorp offers Tier 4 compliant diesel pump engines up to 40 hp and either off-road or DOT approved trailers with electric brakes.

The Sludge Pro does not require regular scheduled maintenance, and features pressure sensors to assist in detecting blockages or closed valves in the line and an optional industry-exclusive hydraulic lift system for easy access to pump internals.

The selection of either the clack valve model or ball valve model is usually determined by the amount of solids in the application.

The ball valve model may be a good choice for wastewater or sludge pumping applications above 10% solids.

These conditions are most commonly found at municipal wastewater treatment plants, refineries, mines, and food processing facilities.

The ball valve model uses a steel impregnated check ball to move tough abrasives and solids-laden liquids to the discharge side with minimal contact with other pump components.

The ball valve model is designed for up to 24 hour operating cycles.

The clack valve model is designed for pumping lower solids concentrations and uses a clack (check valve) to move fluid from the suction to the discharge.

This is the most robust clack on the market designed for operating cycles up to 8 hours of pumping per day.