Wanner secures order for 75 Hydra-Cell pumps

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Wanner International has received an order for a range of 75 Hydra-Cell chemical process pumps.
After intensive testing, the company chose the Hydra-Cell Flow Chemistry and High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) pumps over the incumbent traditional metering pumps because of the advanced mechanical and hydraulic design.
The pump technology and application knowledge capabilities deliver real value for the pharmaceutical company.
The pumps will be installed in a new production line for transfer, blending and injection of saline solutions, alcohols and other salts, within an ATEX Zone 2 environment; delivering flow rates from 1-14,000 l/hr at a discharge pressure of 30 Bar (435 PSI).
Wanner’s commitment to research and development, and its strong protection of this IP, has enabled it to evolve its capability and make it ideal for this application. This has wider implications for the whole pharmaceutical industry.
Critical for fow chemistry and HPLC applications, the Hydra-Cell pumps deliver an extremely low pulse flow, without the need for pulsation dampeners, and with a predictable and controllable flow rate for a consistent process.
Paul Davis, Wanner International’s managing director, commented: “These pumps are a perfect fit for this application. They will maximise the production line’s efficiency and productivity, safely and reliably - and reduce costs.”

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