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Wanner pumps help transform effluent water into drinkable liquid

Wanner International’s seal-less pumps are helping with the production of effluent water with drinking water quality from a contaminated landfill site.
Wanner has supplied three, T100 ultra-high-pressure reverse osmosis (RO) process pumps to APATEQ, manufacturers of custom water treatment systems.
APATEQ required high-pressure pumps at a treatment plant run by the largest private landfill owner in Sicily, Italy.
Using APATEQ’S processes, the contaminated water from the landfill site, pictured, is turned into drinking water quality with environmental benefits like reducing the high cost for transport and treating of the water at an external facility on the Italian mainland.
Ulrich Bäuerle, chief technology officer at APATEQ, said: “We have decades of experience in the water and wastewater business and global industrial product manufacturing and commercialisation. Our corporate and technical teams are comprised of dedicated experts that aim for environmental protection and water conservation.
“As hydra-cell pumps have proven reliability, this provided the ideal solution for use with our smart water treatment systems.”
Paul Davis, managing director at Wanner International, added: “We were delighted that the proven reliability of our Hydra-Cell RO pumps helped APATEQ to provide a complete solution to help reduce overall costs for their customer as well as being part of APATEQ’s innovate and pioneering water treatment systems to help tackle the ongoing waste problems and impact on the environment.”