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Wanner extends line of Hydra-Cell dosing pumps

Wanner International has introduced two new ranges of its signature Hydra-Cell dosing performance pumps with mechanical flow-rate adjustment.

The Hydra-Cell G03/G13 dosing range accommodates repeatable, steady flow requirements up to 310 litres per hour at pressures up to 100 bar and flows up to 490 litres per hour at pressures up to 70 bar.

The Hydra-Cell G10 dosing range accommodates repeatable flow requirements up to 732 litres per hour at pressures up to 103 bar and flows up to 1470 litres per hour at pressures below 50 bar.

Hydra-Cell pumps are seal-less, true positive displacement pumps. Their flow rate is directly proportionate to input shaft speed and almost completely independent of system discharge pressures.

Other features include a manual adjust hand wheel for precise, infinite adjustment of shaft speed, and variable speed gearboxes that produce output torque by means of a traction fluid. The gearboxes operate on the elasto-hydrodynamic principal, removing the possibility of mechanical slippage between input and output that could be experienced with friction type variators.

Both ranges are provided with a variety of cam profiles to meet specific flow rate adjustment requirements. A range of pump head materials is also available including cast iron, brass, hastelloy CW12MW, polypropylene, PDVF and 316L stainless steel.

The pumps are designed for use in ATEX Zone 1 and 21 when coupled with compatible, explosion-proof motors.