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Wanner aims to reduce energy usage with its Hydra-Cell pump

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Wanner International has announced that it can reduce the total energy usage by up to a half for some industries that rely heavily on pumps for their processes with its Hydra-Cell® device.
Wanner provides pumps for a range of industries across the globe, from oil and gas, through to food production and chemical production.
The Hydra-Cell® pump’s true positive displacement action and minimal internal losses achieve high efficiencies from pump shaft to hydraulic power.
This combined with the wide range of flow rate controllability ensures optimum energy usage.
Alternative pump technologies with inherent internal losses, which get larger as internal parts wear, start to become lower in efficiency as the discharge pressure goes above 10 bar and only gets worse with increasing pressure.
As some industries in which Wanner operates, such as oil and gas, are shifting heavily into renewables, the flexibility of the Hydra-Cell® pump to handle many different liquids coupled with its high energy efficiency and reliability has a large role to play in reducing the carbon footprint.
Paul Davis, Wanner International’s managing director, said: “Switch on your TV and you will see climate disasters around the world taking lives, homes, livelihoods and destroying ecosystems. From soaring temperatures causing wildfires that ravaged Greece and Australia to unprecedented levels of rainfall that led to severe flooding in Germany and South Asia. Around the world, everyone is being affected by climate change.
“Everyone needs to be part of the solution. We are dedicated to enabling our customers to save energy, to save resources and we hope that with our leadership, they will follow this example across the whole of their supply chains.”