WANGEN pumps help power wastewater facility in Finland

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A total of 59 WANGEN pumps have been supplied to an underground wastewater treatment plant in Finland.
WANGEN pumps supplied by FlowExperts Oy are part of this new facility.
The growing number of inhabitants in the Helsinki metropolitan area and the treatment of more nutrient-rich wastewater required a new wastewater treatment facility to be built with higher capacity and high-quality technology for the treatment process.
Blominmäki's modern wastewater treatment plant was commissioned in 2022 and WANGEN pumps are key components of the plant's wastewater treatment process.
The underground plant built by YIT replaces the existing Suomenoja wastewater treatment plant, which was responsible for the wastewater of the area's 400,000 inhabitants.
At the site, phosphorus and organic matter are removed from wastewater by 96% and nitrogen by more than 90% - both values are lower than the EU and municipal recommendations for wastewater.
The Blominmäki wastewater treatment plant is an example of a modern treatment plant that has invested in an efficient wastewater treatment process using technical design and high-quality technology.
The instalment of low maintenance WANGEN pumps, ensures safe and cost-effective treatment of plant sludge.
The plant has been carefully designed for energy efficiency and it is able to utilise the energy generated in the wastewater treatment process, as well as biogas for its own use.
In addition, all heat generated by the production of electricity and the use of large machines is collected.
The WANGEN pumps are very energy efficient and ensure that sewage sludge is optimally conveyed and dried

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