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VP Instruments announces additional features for insertion probe

Energy management solutions company VP Instruments has announced the addition of several new features to its existing VPFlowScope insertion probe. The meter measures flow, pressure and temperature and is suitable for mobile measurements and fixed installations.

The new features of the VPFlowScope at a glance:

• the software can rotate the meter's display by 180⁰ so you need never read it upside down;
• the backlighting is adjustable, so measurement data remains clearly legible even in dark spaces;
• basic configuration such as setting the diameter and the Modbus address can now be done via the display, so a laptop on site is not necessary.

These innovations have been implemented in the VPFlowScope D10 without data logger and in the VPFlowScope D11 with data logger which has four times as much storage capacity as its predecessor. With the 2 Mb memory users can log three channels every 10 seconds for no less than 76 days, with an indicator showing how much memory is available.

The specifications of the VPFlowScope are:

• three-line display;
• flow, pressure, temperature, totaliser;
• measuring range of insertion meter: 0-150 m/sec (500 SFPS);
• pressure ranges: 0-16 bar (250 psi) or 0-35 bar (500 psi);
• temperature range up to 60°C;
• outputs: Modbus RTU, 4-20 mA and pulse.

Applications suitable for the VPFlowScope include compressed air usage measurements, cost allocation, leakage measurements, and metering usage of nitrogen and technical gases.