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Viscotec launches starter kit for new fluid dosing technology for 3D printing

ViscoTec Pumpen has launched the new fluid dosing and deposition (FDD) technology for the 3D printing sector.

The new technology allows the industry fast and precise 3D printing of fluids and pastes with FDD Starter Kit which is now available.

The kit makes it possible to integrate a volumetric supporting 3D printhead in a wide range of common filament-type 3D printers.

Together with the 3D printhead, the kit also includes the corresponding 3D control unit and other accessories such as dosing needles and cartridges.

Different printheads can be chosen from depending on the fluid to be used and the part to be printed.

With the integrated ViscoTec technology the 3D printer builds up the object layer by layer, by juxtaposing and superposing lines of adhesive beads.

The core element of each application is a volumetric dispensing pump based on the endless piston principle, which belongs to the group of rotary positive displacement pumps.

This process is suitable for all fluids ranging from low to high viscosities, up to just over two million mPas, and the pump remains fully functional even with grainy or fibrous solids.

3D-printed silicones can replace complex injection moulded parts, while two-component glues based on polyurethane or epoxide can be used for parts with high tensile and compressive strength and allow high chemical and temperature resistances or composite-materials that combine different properties.